The Art of Digital Marketing

In our Free Market companies are placed in the global economic war of Supply and Demand. Organizations Supply what Consumers Demand. This competitive nature of business correlates directly with the words written thousands of years ago by Sun Tsu in his memorable novel The Art of War. This book has stood the test of time because its foundational principles have proven to apply to many facets of our society. We are going to journey through the 13 Chapters of this novel to help you conquer and win with an effective Digital Marketing Strategy.

The quote above from the novel is a prime example of how well we can relate Digital Marketing and business in general to its content. As we walk through this war zone with you keep in mind the quotes that Sun Tsu has left for us to ponder.

  1. “Swift as the wind” Digital Marketing is a volatile medium. According to Moz’s Google Algorithm Change History, Google’s algorithm changes about 500 – 600 times per year. That is around 1.2 – 2.6 times every day! Wow, those words really hit home when looking at statistics like that. If you want to win your market you must stay up to date.
  2. “Quiet as the forest” Your competitors will be spying on you every chance they get. As you are laying your Digital Marketing Strategy it is important to keep your strategy away from the enemy so they don’t use it against you.
  3. “Conquer like the fire” Digital Marketing gives you the opportunity to put your business in front of millions of people that would otherwise be unaware of its existence. We have found that when it comes to your competition you cannot go into this medium with your burners on low. To succeed in Digital Marketing you have to turn your fire all the way up, run on all cylinders to conquer your enemy and ensure they do not come back to take the market share you have fought so hard to gain.
  4. “Steady as the mountain”Your online presence and brand visibility are the bread and butter of your organization. When it comes to your Brand Image, Unique Value Proposition, and Online Content you must remain steady and consistent. This shows the public that you are professional, organized, and prepared to service their needs. It also shows the competition that you are an unshakeable foe prepared to wage war.

As we wage this war together and explore the nuances of Modern Digital Marketing know that though these tasks seem daunting and though the battle can be costly with the proper tactics you can vanquish your competition and rise to the top of your market.


We are introducing Laris Media's Digital Dojo as a way for Businesses to gain insight into the world of Digital Marketing so they can be prepared to wage war in the Digital Marketplace.

We will walk together through the battlefield and see what makes or breaks an organization's Digital Presence. We appreciate you taking this journey with our team and if there is anything you would like us to expand upon or discuss please do not hesitate to let us know by leaving a comment or emailing our team at [email protected].